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What is Runesocketing?Edit

Runesocketing is the process of taking powerful Runes and embedding them into swords or any other whacking device (i.e. anything that can go in the Sword slot; if you can whack with it, you can socket it!) to give them special effects, very much in the same way Trinkets and Companions do. You can fit as many runes as you have Sockets.


All players get their first Socket free. A second Socket can be purchased by players level 90 or higher and a third is available for those over level 140. Your sockets will be added to all your current and any future Swords you find.

Socket # Costs Requirement
1 Free Level 1
2 50,000 Gold Level 90
3 100,000 Gold Level 140


Unlike Trinkets and Companions, Runes are consumables.  The only last for a finite amount of time before they expire.

If you have a Rune socketed, you'll get a timer window that tells you how long you have until your current runes run out.  When all your Rune expires you get a warning your Sword has an empty socket.

If a Rune is already socketed and try to put another Rune in its place, you will get a message reading "Warning! Putting a Rune in this socket will destroy the existing Rune! Do you want to continue?" If you click "Continue," the equipped Rune will be destroyed, and the new Rune will be equipped in its place.


Runes come in all types and strengths. They are rare, but can be found in bushes throughout the world or by performing a daily Rune scavenging quest for Botho's apprentice, Negdry in The Commons. When you find a rune, talk to Botho to equip it.


There are 2 categories of runes: Basic and Crafted.

Basic Runes are runes that can form naturally in the magic-charged atmosphere of Bushwhackia. Crafted Runes are runes that the slowly-growing caste of Alchemists have discovered by breaking down natural runes into their base Powder form and then combining them in new and inventive ways!


These are the stats on the Runes found from whacking or rewarded in quests. See Crafted Runes for their stats.

Strength Bonus Duration Found
Scavenged Rune +4.0 - +8.0% Type Drop 2-3 days Complete Rune Scavenging Daily Quest
Small Rune +2.0 - +3.0% Type Drop 2-4 days In Bushes/Crafting
Medium Rune +3.5 - +5.5% Type Drop 2-6 days In Bushes/Crafting
Large Rune +6.5 - +10% Type Drop 4-5 days In Bushes/Crafting
Greater/Pristine Rune +10% Type Drop 5 days

One upon unlocking Runesocketing.
Random chance from Daily Quester’s Satchel Rewards.
No other chance to get this rune at this time.


Upon completing the Alchemist Building, you will learn the Art of Alchemical Runecrafting. Inside, you will find a Shop that uses Alchemy Tokens you are rewarded for completing Ellesandra's Daily Alchemic Quests or by spending Bush Bucks. You will also find stations for Disenchanting, Crafting, and Combining Runes.

The AlchemistEdit

Ellesandra is The Alchemist. Speak to her inside the Alchemist Building. She has items for sale in her Bush Bucks Store and the Alchemy Tokens Store.

You can also ask her questions about Alchemic Runecrafting. Select a tab for a list of items for sale.


There are three stations that are used for Alchemy. Select a tab for the description, and how to use each station.

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