This is a collection of the clues given out for the Amicus Isle Treasure Hunt Quest. You will randomly be given 6 of the following clues for the quest:

  1. "This beach north of the docks is a real sight to see, if you search through its buckets you might just find me."
    • Follow the beach north of the docks, the sand pail filled with sand has the clue.
  2. "Head to the jungle if you have any sense, then look for the clue inside of the fence."
    • Follow the trail away from the dock and at the fork go south.  The path will go between two fences (rope) - the clue is in the northern one.
  3. "The old treasure hunter's near some poo covered rocks, on the far side of the island compared to the docks."
    • Just east of the waterfall, it's the rightmost of the two rocks standing apart from the trees.
  4. "The girl with the red hair is getting some sun.  Look in the barrel behind her for fun."
    • Eastern end of the island, south of the hammock (she is standing and wearing a red bikini).
  5. "If you want to relax this is definitely the place, but the scuba girl there will get all up in your face."
    • The hammock in the north-east corner (stand below it to search it).
  6. "The south side of the cove is where you must be, look for what's left of a magnificent tree."
    • Southwest corner of the island, it's the palm tree stump northeast of the lifeguard stand.
  7. "Where the watcher watches for what will never be, on the back of a pillar you will find me."
    • Southwest of the dock, the shoreline loops back around in a northwest direction. At the far end, the clue is in the pillar next to the man gazing out to sea.
  8. "Near whence you came is the next clue to find, just don't take the whole sack or you might get fined."
    • The sacks just above the zone-in portal (it may not be easy to click on if a lot of people are coming in) on the dock.
  9. "If you want to go surfing you'll pass near this clue, just don't think too hard or it might stump you."
    • Palm stump above umbrella of surfer dude standing on right side of cabana.
  10. "There is a lone bench on the north side of the isle. If you search all around it you'll find it worth while."
    • Search the bench just north of the slot machines.
  11. "Inside this place there are tipsy people to meet, look for the clue in the left most seat."
    • Search the left seat of the cabana.
  12. "The south-western sandbars hold the next clue, look for a creature that's crawled out of the blue."
    • Go out to the edge of the sandbar and click on the crab.
  13. "This starry creature isn't really a fish, search on the north beach for one that's orangish."
    • The orange starfish in the center of the north beach, northwest of the merchant tents.
  14. "The beach is secluded and the guy's wearing socks, you'll find the next clue inside of some rocks."
    • On the isolated beach south-east of the waterfall, the clue is in the large rock to the right.
  15. "The north-western beach is oddly devoid of folks, but the clue's in a drink there (hint not in the cokes)."
    • On the north west beach, north west of the Cabana just to the west of the lifeguard tower is an orange drink with an umbrella.
  16. "Head far to the south if you want to feel great, look for the next clue inside a crate."
    • South on the island, there is a sandbar with a crab on it with a lobster trap on either side. It is in the crate above the sandbar.