Fishing, fishing, fishing!Edit

Looking for a way to earn a little extra energy or perhaps a little extra gold? Look no further than fishing! You'll want to talk to Steve in The Mysterious Forest north of The Commons to get started. In addition to the aforementioned gold and energy, you can also fish up unique customization Items. You do not get experience XP as a reward for fishing.

The fishing spots are located in the following areas:

Fishing PolesEdit

Name DescriptionCost
Basic Fishing Pole
Basic Fishing Pole Your basic, everyday fishing pole. You can fish in most places with this.Free
Lava Fishing Pole
Lava Fishing Pole Allows you to fish in pools of lava!Goldx25000, Moonstonex2
Spinal Fishing Rod
Spinal Fishing Rod Allows you to fish in pools of acid! ...Because your Lava Fishing Pole is resistant to heat, not corrosion! Yeah, that's why.Goldx275000, Moonstonex11

The Lava Fishing Pole is available from the NPC just right of the lava fishing hole in the Molten Core. You must reach field 2, puzzle 2 in the Molten Core to purchase it. Note: You cannot use the Fishing Hole in the Molten Core without the Lava Fishing Pole.


There are two types of bait, one has a higher return rate for gold, the other for energy. Higher quality baits yield better results when fishing. It is recommended to always fish with your best bait possible.

Name Level Required Cost per 10
Cheap Valuables Bait
Cheap Valuables Bait --10 Gold
Average Valuables Bait
Average Valuables Bait 2020 Gold
Good Valuables Bait
Good Valuables Bait 5030 Gold
Great Valuables Bait
Great Valuables Bait 10060 Gold
Scorched Valuables Bait
Scorched Valuables Bait Reach The Molten Core100 Gold
Amazing Valuables Bait
Amazing Valuables Bait 200150 Gold
Meaty Valuables Bait
Meaty Valuables Bait* Quest in The Summer Village200 Gold
Master Valuables Bait
Master Valuables Bait* SBA 731000 Gold
Boney Valuables Bait
Boney Valuables Bait* Reach The Dead Pools1500 Gold
Cheap Fish Bait
Cheap Fish Bait --20 Gold
Average Fish Bait
Average Fish Bait 2040 Gold
Good Fish Bait
Good Fish Bait 5060 Gold
Great Fish Bait
Great Fish Bait 100120 Gold
Scorched Fish Bait
Scorched Fish Bait Reach The Molten Core200 Gold
Amazing Fish Bait
Amazing Fish Bait 200300 Gold
Meaty Fish Bait
Meaty Fish Bait* Quest in The Summer Village400 Gold
Master Fish Bait
Master Fish Bait* SBA 732000 Gold
Boney Fish Bait
Boney Fish Bait* Reach The Dead Pools3000 Gold

* The scorched fish bait is only available once you reach the molten core

* The Meaty Baits become available after you complete the Seasonal Forest Fishing Quest in The Summer Village.

* The Master Baits become available with completion of Secret Bonus Area 73 in The Path Through the Mountain in The Spine of the World.

* The Boney Baits can only be used in the acid pool in The Dead Pools

Bait LossEdit

You consume one bait per cast. If you click too early, before a fish is on the line, you will lose your bait and cast. If you wait too long or fall asleep, you will lose the bait and the cast.


Sonic Fishing Rod Sonic Fishing Rod This trinket decreases your fishing time by 1 second when equipped in a trinket slot.
Costs 50 Bush Buck

The Sonic Fishing Rod Trinket can be purchased from the Wandering Merchants at the Pawn Shop on Amicus Isle.

Fishable ItemsEdit


When fish are caught, they return Energy Energy.

Name Required Bait Energy Value
Salmon Cheap Bait1 Energy
Pike Cheap Bait; Average Bait2 Energy
Catfish Cheap Bait; Good Bait3 Energy
Bass Average Bait; Great Bait4 Energy
Sunfish Cheap Bait; Average Bait; Good Bait; Amazing Bait; Meaty Bait6 Energy
Muskie Good Bait; Great Bait; Master Bait8 Energy
Cod Average Bait; Great Bait; Amazing Bait; Meaty Bait12 Energy
Marlin Average Bait, Good Bait12 Energy
Eel Good Bait14 Energy
Devil Fish
Devil Fish Great Fish Bait; Master Bait16 Energy
Flying Fish
Flying Fish Amazing Fish Bait; Meaty Bait24 Energy
48 Fish
48 Fish Amazing Fish Bait; Meaty Bait; Master Bait48 Energy

Lava Fishing Zone

Name Required Bait Energy Value
Zombie Fish
Zombie Fish Scorched Fish Bait5 Energy
Fish Skull
Fish Skull Scorched Fish Bait10 Energy
Lava Fish
Lava Fish Scorched Fish Bait20 Energy


When you fish up Treasure, you are rewarded with Gold Gold.

Name Required Bait Gold Value
Sigil Cheap Bait1 Gold
Teleporter Cheap Bait; Average Bait2 Gold
Gold Ancient Coin
Gold Ancient Coin Cheap Bait; Average Bait; Good Bait4 Gold
Pearl Necklace
Pearl Necklace Cheap Bait; Average Bait; Good Bait6 Gold
Stone Octopus
Stone Octopus Good Bait; Great Bait8 Gold
Bronze Ancient Coin
Bronze Ancient Coin Average Bait; Good Bait; Meaty Bait12 Gold
Diluted Potion
Diluted Potion Great Valuables Bait16 Gold
Goblet Good Bait; Great Bait; Amazing Bait; Meaty Bait24 Gold
Bronze Claw
Bronze Claw Great Valuables Bait; Meaty Bait; Master Bait48 Gold
Sunken Wrist Watch
Sunken Wrist Watch Amazing Bait; Meaty Bait; Master Bait96 Gold

Lava Fishing Zone:

Name Required Bait Gold Value
Obsidian Scorched Bait10 Gold
Gear Scorched Bait20 Gold
Pearl Scorched Bait40 Gold
Copper Tube
Copper Tube Scorched Bait80 Gold


Junk items are random and provide zero gold or energy rewards. You consume one bait when you fish up Junk.

Mushy Apple
Mushy Apple
Tin Can
Tin Can
Broken Axe
Broken Axe
Dull Knife
Dull Knife
Spray Bottle
Spray Bottle
Rotten Meat
Rotten Meat
Broken Umbrella
Broken Umbrella

Lava Fishing Zone:

Lava Tin Can
Lava Tin Can

Quest ItemsEdit

Certain Quests require you to fish up various items for completion. These are found at any fishing spot when the Quest is active. (Note: None of these Quest Items can be fished up in the lava fishing spots in The Molten Core.)

Item Quest
Shopping Bag
Shopping Bag General Store - Shopping Bags
Pearl Necklace
Pearl Necklace Farmer's Market - Sunken Treasure
Soothing Kelp
Soothing Kelp The Stable - Soothing Kelp
Empty Vial
Empty Vial Alchemist Shop - Mostly Empty Vials
South-Sea Stingray
South-Sea Stingray Amicus Isle - Fishing Derby!
Tough Tuna
Tough Tuna Amicus Isle - Tuna Trouble!
Scuba Gear
Scuba Gear Inn - The Friendly Inn - Scuba Gear
Fresh Crab
Fresh Crab Amicus Isle - Crab Cakes


Gear items are extremely rare. You will need to use your best bait and it could take hundreds of casts to retrieve one item.

NameDescriptionFishing Location
Captain's Hat
Captain's Hat Boat not includedThe Commons
Fishing Cap
Fishing Cap For lazy days on the lakeThe Mysterious Forest
Scuba Helmet
Scuba Helmet Warning: Do not submerse!The Windy Crest
Fishing Pole Sword
Fishing Pole Sword It has a serrated edge for whacking withThe Windy Crest
Scuba Mask
Scuba Mask Don't get it wetThe Narrow Sea
Seaweed Cape
Seaweed Cape It might be a little soggyLower and Upper Evergreen Forest
Anchor Cape
Anchor Cape Warning: May cause back problemsThe Deep Swamp
Fish Sword
Fish Sword Not to be mistaken for a swordfishThe Terrifying Traverse
Fish Scale Gloves
Fish Scale Gloves They are slightly wet and smellyThe Sickened Stream
Sailor Hat
Sailor Hat Ahoy!Feeshi Island
Lava Pickaxe
Lava Pickaxe Forged in a fiery pool of lava!The Molten Core
Swordfish This fish has realized his true callingThe Murky Depths
Lava Hook Sword
Lava Hook Sword Did you know lava will destroy regular fishing rods?The Idyllic Isles
Twin Blade Sword
Twin Blade Sword A shiny twin bladed sword.Your Ranch
Fishscale Cape
Fishscale Cape A fishing cape made of fish scales!The Autumnal Forest
Ship Wheel Cape
Ship Wheel Cape Set sail with this awesome cape!The Plateau Lakes
Acid Proof Goggles
Acid Proof Goggles The most durable goggles around!The Dead Pools

Decoration ItemsEdit

Decorations are extremely rare. You will need to use your best bait and it could take hundreds of casts to retrieve one item.

NameDescriptionFishing Location
Wall Fish
Wall Fish The Commons
Small Fishbowl
Small Fishbowl The Mysterious Forest
Wall Anchor
Wall Anchor Keeps your hose from floating away from the wallThe Narrow Sea
Small Pond
Small Pond How you managed to fish this entire thing up is not a question we're willing to answerLower and Upper Evergreen Forest
Ship Bottle
Ship Bottle It's a ship! In a bottle! Amazing!The Deep Swamp
Fish Statue
Fish Statue Can you believe you fished up an STATUE of a fish? Crazy, right?The Terrifying Traverse
Fishing Pearl
Fishing Pearl A few dozen more, and you could have yourself a necklace!The Sickened Stream
Mini Pool
Mini Pool With complimentary rubber duck. Bonus!Feeshi Island
Lava Rock
Lava Rock Will somehow stay hot forever.The Molten Core
Fish Tank
Fish Tank Kind of ironic that you'd fish this up underwater...The Murky Depths
Lava Wall Fish
Lava Wall Fish Careful not to place this near any of your flammable ribbons.The Idyllic Isles
Stuffed Puppy
Stuffed Puppy A cute stuffed puppy. Somewhat damp.Your Ranch
Sailboat A little "toy boat!" Betcha can't say that 10 times fast!The Autumnal Forest
Pretend Fishing Hole
Pretend Fishing Hole A hole for pretend fishingThe Path Through the Mountain SBA
Fish Basket
Fish Basket It's already got a fish in it!The Path Through the Mountain SBA
Tackle Box
Tackle Box Fishing tackle for every occasion! ...for display only.The Plateau Lakes
Simple Carafe
Simple Carafe Pour liquids with style and class.The Dead Pools

Possible Future Fishing ItemsEdit

Images found on the server that haven't been seen in game yet.

Bronze Ring
Bronze Ring
Small Omega Claw
Small Omega Claw


Fishing for EnergyEdit

2203 90x90 Fishing for Energy
Fish Fry Fish up 20 Energy worth of Fish
Copious Ceviche Fish up 200 Energy worth of Fish
So Much Sushi Fish up 2.000 Energy worth of Fish
Where is my White Whale? Fish up 20.000 Energy worth of Fish

Fishing for GoldEdit

2201 90x90 Fishing for Gold
Reclaimer Fish up 100 Gold worth of items.
Metal Detector Fish up 1.000 Gold worth of items.
Soaked Item Seller Fish up 10.000 Gold worth of items.
Another Mans Treasure Fish up 100.000 Gold worth of items.

Fishing for JunkEdit

2202 90x90 Fishing for Junk
Accidental Environmentalist Fish up 10 Junk Items
Save Our Lakes! Fish up 100 Junk Items
Another Mans Trash Fish up 1.000 Junk Items
Lean Green Fishing Machine Fish up 10.000 Junk Items

Casting the Fishing-LineEdit

2200 90x90 Casting the Fishing-Line Reward*
Hobby Fisher Cast your Fishing line 100 Times! Title: Hobby Fisher
Semi Pro Fisher Cast your Fishing line 1.000 Times! Title: Semi Pro Fisher
Assistant to the Fishing Manager Cast your Fishing line 10.000 Times!
Automatic Fishing Machine Cast your Fishing line 100.000 Times!

*Needs more information.